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Anonymous sent: Mun should give us some headcanons about nathan and some with him and his relationships with the members of the crew please!

((Why of course I will offer some headcanons.

Christopher: Nate and Chris are probably the closest to each other. They don’t talk a lot, but they understand each other silently. Although that’s not going to stop Chris from rambling on about random things. Chris doesn’t expect Nate to respond ever, he just likes talking to Nate anyway. And every now and then, Nate will bounce ideas off of Chris. They both know the responsibility they have of watching over the crew (because Chris is SIC and Nate is TIC). Basically, they’re buddies.

Morgan: When Nate first met Morgan, he kinda hated him. He hated that he felt obligated to serve on the ship for Morgan. But along the way, they became friends, and Nate would trust his life to Morgan (because he owes his life to him as well). Without Morgan, Nate would never have had a family.

Eduardo: Both of them are pretty tough around the edges, so when they first met, it was almost a battle of testosterone. Almost. They quickly realized that they share a love of sarcastic comments and making fun of other people. They have a sort of opposites-attract dynamic since Nathan is a man of science while Edu is a man of myths. Eduardo is more outspoken while Nate likes to judge from the sidelines. Basically, they’re married. Both of them suck at emotions. 

Thomas: Nate has a silent respect for Thomas. When they first met, Nate pretty much thought he would be a good for nothing rookie. Of course, Thomas proved himself when he became a big help in the kitchen. He pretty much became Nate’s lackey. And when juxtaposed next to Russell, Thomas is definitely the better pick. Nathan hates talking, especially when it’s quiet, but sometimes Thomas will just strike up a conversation in the kitchen. And despite Nate not being in the mood to talk, he’ll indulge Thomas. Maybe he won’t respond, or maybe all he’ll do is nod. Either way, he permits the chatter (much like him and Chris).

Russell: Nate doesn’t like him. He thinks Russell is annoying and childish. Granted, Nate still cares for him, but he’ll be as tough as he wants on the kid. When they first met, Nate hated him right away. It got better over time, but Nate would never show it. Russell knows, though, that Nate likes him to some degree. He’s not afraid to talk to Nate or to insult him. Russell, despite being oblivious to many situations, knows the boundaries of his and Nate’s relationship. He likes to push them, but he’d never break them.

And there ya have it. All my headcanons on the boys. Or at least most of them (^ u ^  ) ))

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